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SSA - Soaring Society of America
RAS - Newsgroup Rec.Aviation.Soaring
SSF - Soaring Safety Foundation
EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
SRA - Sailplane Racing Association
WSPA - Women Soaring Pilots Association
AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
NTSB - Accident Database Query
SHA - Sailplane Homebuilders Association
ISSA - International Scale Soaring Association
VSA - Vintage Sailplane Association

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SES Soaring Forecast Page
BLIPMAP Forecasts
BLIPSPOT Forecasts
Soaring Weather Reports (Kevin Ford)
More Soaring Weather Links

Wings & Wheels
Williams Soaring
Eastern Sailplane
SSA Merchandise
Knauff & Grove Soaring Supplies
Bob Wander's Soaring Books & Supplies
Windy City Soaring Association Store

ChicagoLand Glider Council Classified Ads
SSA Classified Ads
Wings & Wheels Want Ads
Glider Source

See How It Flies (John S. Denker)
FAA Knowledge Exams (Free Practice Online)
Ridge Primer (Eric Gillespie)
Top 10 Ways to Fail a Practical Test (Jim Burch)
  1. Landing
  2. Performance Airspeeds
  3. Slip to Landing
  4. Airspace
  5. Slack Line
  6. Instruments
  7. Oxygen
  8. Boxing the Wake
  9. Clearing Turns
  10. Position on Tow

SOAR95 - Advanced Soaring Resources & Discussion (Northern IL / Southern WI)
Region 7 2003 Contest Site (May 25-31 Freeport, IL)
NISC - Northern Illinois Soaring Competition
SRA - Sailplane Racing Association
John Cochrane Papers

Sailplane Directory
Sailplane Reviews (Dick Johnson)
Aviation Scholarship Foundation (Park Forest South Aviation Group)
Soaring Links by Paul Remde
Soaring Webring
International Gliding Magazine
Airsports International Magazine
Rope - How to Knot & Splice
2005 Standard Class Nationals - Contest Finish Video

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