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The ChicagoLand Glider Council hosts meetings and other events, and published newsletters, during the "off-season" - November through March and sometimes including April (WX depending!). Generally a Newsletter preceeds each month's meeting, but not always (those slacker volunteers!).
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Issue Years Newsletter Topics        (Reverse Chronology)
Apr/2019 Not yet released - please check back later
Mar/2019 Not yet released - please check back later
Feb/2019 No Newsletter - CLGC Seminar Feb 23, 2019
Jan/2019 Not yet released - please check back later
Dec/2018 Not yet released - please check back later
Nov/2018 Flying Long Tasks at Parowan [Kilian] ~ New Yahoo Groups ~ "Scud Runner"
Apr/2018 No newsletter published
Mar/2018 No newsletter published
Feb/2018 No newsletter published
Jan/2018 No newsletter published
Dec/2017 No newsletter published
Nov/2017 No newsletter published
Apr/2017 No newsletter published
Mar/2017 NISC Review for the Season (Kilian) ~ NISC Rule Changes ~ How to NOT Fly 1,000K Out of Parowan ~ Region 7 Contest 2017 ~ Dacy Soaring Operation
Feb/2017 No Newsletter - CLGC Seminar Feb 25, 2017
Jan/2017 Ballooning (Morin) ~ FLARM Mandatory Update ~ NISC Rule Changes ~ Bob Hoover Obituary and Biography
Dec/2016 No newsletter published
Nov/2016 2016 Season Review Meeting ~ 2017 FIRC ~ Super Dimona Motorglider instruction ~ FLARM Mandatory Yearly updating
Apr/2016 Accident Scenarios [Ridenour] ~ Wright Brothers Patent Found!
Mar/2016 Carbon Fiber Instrument Panels [John DeRosa] ~ Region 7 Contest May 15-21 ~ Canopy Maintenance and Care
Feb/2016 Approaches and Landings [Jeff Mack] ~ Region 7 Contest May 15-21 ~ "Scud Runner"
Jan/2016 Unmanned Aerial Systems [Peter Washburn] ~ New Council President - Aaron Scicluna ~ Region 7 Contest May 15-21 ~ FCC Unacceptable Aircraft Radios ~ R/C 2-33 "Stars and Stripes" Video on YouTube
Dec/2015 How to Fly 70 Hours In 4 Weeks [Kilian] ~ 1920's Transcontinental Airway System ~ NTPL (North Pole) Approach Plate
Nov/2015 What Did You Do Last Summer ~ Murray Shane ~ N2635H 30 Years Later
Mar/2015 ADS-B and Gliders ~ Seminar Pictures ~ "Seldom Seen Ways to Get a Glider off the Ground" ~ "Circling the Holighaus Way"
Feb/2015 No Newsletter - CLGC Seminar Feb 21, 2015
Jan/2015 Powered Paragliders ~ High Altitude Ballooning
Dec/2014 Parowan 2014 ~ The Night Before Christmas ~ Cambridge GPS Problem
Nov/2014 300k Diamond Goal in Chicago [Weck] ~ Soaring in Utah [Kilian]
Apr/2014 No newsletter this month
Mar/2014 Touring Motorgliders ~ 60's and 70's Newsclippings
Feb/2014 Supersonic Aerodynamic Analysis ~ First Flight of the Year ~ "Chicken Wings" ~ Electronics Review of the G.T. Power RC High Precision Watt Meter and Power Analyzer
Jan/2014 Aviation Show & Tell ~ New Treasurer Jeff Mack ~ Anke Rudloff's First Solo ~
The "Far Side" of Flight ~ Sunrise and Sunset - How it Affects Soaring
Dec/2013 R/C Drones ~ R/C Glider Pictures ~ Night Before Christmas for Aviators ~
Battery Monitor LED review
Nov/2013 No newsletter this month
Apr/2013 Hang Gliders ~ 2013 Grant Awardee ~ BGA Glider 2012 accident report ~ SSA Bultman Scholarship Applications ~ A Diamond Circle? ~ Prop Wash Humor ~ Switchin' to Glide (Landl)
Mar/2013 Sustainer Engines ~ Recap of the Safety Seminar and the 99's event with photographs ~ Converting a Nook into a Soaring Flight Computer ~ Al Freedy awarded the FAA Master Pilot Award ~ Sky Soaring Mini-Contest May 25-26
Feb/2013 No Newsletter - CLGC Seminar Feb 16, 2013
Jan/2013 Homebuilding an RV-9 ~ 99's Expo ~ The Spirit of N2668H ~ SSF FIRC ~
Sky Soaring First Flight of the Year ~ 2012 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Dec/2012 Aviation Electrical Work - The Right Way ~ Trip through memory lane TG-1A ~
The South African Connection ~ 2013 Seminar
Nov/2012 What did you do last summer? ~ Kilian Videos ~ Tim Gossfeld Obituary ~
Powered Cherokee
Apr/2012 Safety Briefing ~ "What Soaring Means to Me" ~ SSI Mini-Contest May 19-20 ~ Trip Through Memory Lane
Mar/2012 Octave Chanute ~ Transponder Codes ~ SSI Mini-Contest May 19-20 ~ Trip Through Memory Lane ~ Always Trust Your Instruments
Feb/2012 MotorGliders ~ Glider Transponder Code 1202 FAA Policy ~ SSA News ~ Trip Through Memory Lane ~ New Castle's Cannon
Jan/2012 Bees ~ Tom Knauff Web Safety Seminar ~ Glider Transponder Code 1202 ~ Trip Through Memory Lane ~ First SSA reference to the CLGC ~ Circular Soaring Flight
Dec/2011 Soaring 100 (Short) ~ Soaring 100 Images ~ Trip Through Memory Lane ~ 2011 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Nov/2011 Soaring Season Recap ~ Haney/Baumgartner Obituaries ~ "Locomotive to Aeromotive" - Chaunute Biography New Book by Simine Short ~ Powerpole Connectors
Mar/2011 Paragliding ~ Tina Pandit Badge Soaring Trust Fund
Feb/2011 No Newsletter - CLGC Seminar Feb 12, 2011
Jan/2011 FAA Topics of Interest ~ 99's Expo ~ FAA Aircraft Re-Registration
Dec/2010 PowerFLARM ~ The YO-3A
Nov/2010 S.O.A.R Chicago ~ Communications ~ Medical Self Certification ~ 2010 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Apr/2010 Surviving a Bi-annual Flight Review (BFR) ~ National Transponder Glider Code 1201 ~ Gerry Sibley Wright Master Pilot
Mar/2010 Soaring the French Alps ~ Airman Plastic Certificate ~ Surviving a Ramp Check
Feb/2010 Glider Repair For Non-Mechanics ~ 2010 SSA Convention Report ~ Identification Plate Exemption # 4988 for Gliders
Jan/2010 Cochrane Worlds ~ FAA Paper Certificates ~ Aviation Videos ~ Chicago Aviation Expo ~ Angle of Attack Stall Indicator
Dec/2009 A Soaring Christmas Carol ~ Soaring Mail Lists & Newsletters ~ Good Morning America Soaring Video ~ Golf is Harder Than Flying a Glider
Nov/2009 2009 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis ~ High Tech Yaw String ~ BGA Alert Tug Upsets ~ Senior National Video ~ Sky Soaring Mini-Contest
Apr/2009 Aerobatics (Molidor) ~ Gene Hammond Illinois Hall of Fame ~ Pilot's 10 Commandments
Mar/2009 ORD Class B update ~ NISC Mini-Contest ~ Ground School ~ LITH Tower ~ Kolstad Scholarship
Jan/2009 CLGC Seminar ~ 99's FAA Safety Seminar ~ 2008 Badge Results
Dec/2008 The FAA's Bill O'Brien on Owner Performed Maintenance
Nov/2008 Dick Johnson (1923-2008) ~ 2008 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis ~ What Soaring Means to Me (Justin Frazier)
Mar/2008 PASCO "Complacency "What me worry?"" ~ ORD Class B Airspace update
Feb/2008 ORD Class B Airspace update
Jan/2008 ORD Class B Airspace update
Dec/2007 Lift is Where You Find It
Nov/2007 Twelve Commands for Soaring Pilots ~ Effects of Horizontal Gusts on Total Energy Variometers ~ 2007 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Apr/2007 99's Seminar Review
Mar/2007 2007 CLGC Spring Seminar Re-cap ~ Fritz Compton (1915-2006)
Jan/2007 Ten Rules of Aviation
Dec/2006 Tom Knauff "Questions for Glider Pilots"
Nov/2006 CGC Charity Glider Rides   ~   2006 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis ~ "What Soaring Means to Me" Essay by Mark Ziebinski ~ 2007 CLGC Youth Grant
Mar/2006 CAP Glider Encampment at MTO ~ Sylvania Soaring Adventure's 2nd Annual 1-26 Regatta Announcement
Jan/2006 Rudy Kunda Remembered ~ Sky Soaring 2005 Season Review
Dec/2005 "Illinois Aviation" IDOT Dale Rust ~ Memorium:Dr. William F. Cahill   ~   Your CLGC Dues at Work ~ Understanding IGC Files ~ Soaring Translations ...excerpts from "On Quiet Wings ~ A Soaring Anthology"
Nov/2005 "Thermals & Thermalling" ~ Thomas Knauff ~ "What Soaring Means to Me" ~ Trace Lewis ...2005 CLGC Scholarship Awardee ~ 2005 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Apr/2005 CLGC Safety Seminar Recap  ~ Rudy Kunda Memorial  ~ Gunther Voltz Hall of Fame  * Letter from Dennis Wright  ~ NISC Update  ~ WCS Frequency Change  ~ 1-26 Regatta  ~ Electronics for Sale  ~ 2005 Glider Accident Reports  ~ World Distance Award
Mar/2005 CLGC Youth Scholarships Program  ~  SSA 2005 Ontario, CA Convention Report   ~  2005 Seminole Lake Florida Senior Nationals Report
Feb/2005 CLGC Spring Seminar Details  ~  CLGC Youth Scholarships Program  ~  McHenry County College "Glider Pilot Ground School"
Jan/2005 CLGC makes donation to SSA Eagle Fund and the SSA Building Repair Fund  ~  CLGC Youth Scholarship Program announced  ~    ~  Panel Mount Voltmeter Product Review  ~  2004 Season Operation Stats for WCSA and Sky Soaring
Dec/2004 CLGC Work Recap ~ CLGC Spring Safety & Soaring Seminar ~ McHenry County College Ground School Details
Nov/2004 Paul Remde Presentation ~ Recent Glider Purchases ~ Local Racers Results ~ Sky Soaring 2004 Season Review ~ 2004 NTSB Glider Accident Synopsis
Apr/2004 Mar/04 Meeting... Curt Lewis "Letting Go of the Start Cylinder" Intro to XC Racing   ~   James Barna Scholarship Winning Essay by Logan Weck
Mar/2004 Feb/04 Meeting... Octavio Gutierrez Hang Gliding Presentation    ~   Notes on "The Inner Art of Airmanship" by Dave Inglish
Feb/2004 Jan/04 Meeting...A Tribute to Rudy Kunda   ~   Sequatchie Soaring - Bob Quaz   ~    Great Aviation Quotes - Dave English
Jan/2004 ATC Response to 9/11 Presentation by Dave Vogesser - American-Polish Glider Club receives SSA plaque - Sylvania Soaring Ground School Planned - Hinckley Soaring, Inc. Closes - James Barna 2004 Award Application - The Passing of Rudy Kunda
Dec/2003 November meeting review - Sequachie Ridge Flying by John Harrison - CLGC Officers - Newsletter Contacts
Nov/2003 APIS visits CGC by Duane Eisenbeiss - Sinus/Virus Review - Meeting Schedule
Apr/2003 Season Openers - CLGC Officer Nominations - Gerry Plice - Director Steve Wasilowski Region 7 Goals - SSA "Soaring Site Survey" - James S. Barna Memorial Scholarship Essays
Mar/2003 Request for CLGC President and Secretary Nominations - Summary of CLGC Officer Roles & Responsibilities ~ Charter Club Spring Safety Seminars Planned - SSA Update from Jim Short
Feb/2003 Region 7 Contest Planning & American-Polish Aero Club Details - Sky Soaring to be viewed on WTTW - James Barna $750 Scholarship Application - SSA Convention Photos
Jan/2003 Hinckley Soaring, Inc. 2002 Accomplishments - Sky Soaring Civil Air Patrol - SSA Region 7 Steve Wasilowski - "SOAR" Soaring Site Security Program - Kimobear Ely, NV Journal
Dec/2002 Windy City Soaring Assoc. - American Polish Aero Club to Host 2003 Region 7 Contest
Nov/2002 CLGC Online - 2002 Season Reports (Sky Soaring, CGC, Hinckley)
Apr/2002 New VP John DeRosa & Treasurer John Harrison - Song "The Daring Glider Pilot" circa 1937
Mar/2002 CLGC Derek Piggott Seminar Review - 2003 Region 7 Contest Organization - Silver Creek Soaring Club XC Camp
Feb/2002 Derek Piggott Bio Brief - WWII "Colditz Cock" Replica Flies
Jan/2002 CLGC Donation to SSA Eagle Fund Drive - MS Flight Simulator 2002 Presentation (Trace Lewis)
Dec/2001 George Hess (WWII Glider Pilot) - Dr. Tom D. Crouch (Flights Before the Wrights) - A Gliderport in Sweden (Robert Rydin) - On The Lighter Side (Sandy Konrath) - WCSA Chili Fest - Mike Shakman wins the 2001 NISC
Nov/2001 Octave Chanute Exhibit (Flights Before the Wrights) - Linda Copley wins the James S. Barna Memorial Scholarship - On The Lighter Side (Kimobear)
Oct/2001 CLGC Financial Awards Program - NISC Season Review - Glider Aerobatics - Custom welding